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cant do X Y Z 

Overwhelmed by admin?
Can't concentrate on the tasks that contribute to your non-profit's mission and  sustainability?


Are you overwhelmed trying to do everything from basic admin, payroll to funder compliance and board management? 


You have a team dedicated to making a positive impact working tirelessly to bring about meaningful change. However, you're bogged down and need support navigating the challenging terrain of fundraising, donor relations, and maintaining operational efficiency?


You've tried to hire someone to assist you in the past and it hasn’t worked out and you're back to square one. Or you've tried to hire a stop-gap but the time and cost means that it was just not worth it, or you can’t fund a full time employee to help? 


Building meaningful impact as a growing non-profit can be difficult. That's why we're here to help!

Let our Expert Fractional Executive Assistants Support You and Your Organization from the Tactical to the Strategic!

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Impact Catalysts for Your Non-Profit 

Our Executive Assistants have significant start-up and NFP experience. They bring their expertise of helping to manage the board and donors and running daily operations to can you focus on your organization’s mission and impacts.

From day 1 our EAs will come in with a thoughtful eye to examining your systems and processes and ensuring they are geared towards the most effective results, to help your organization maintain financial stability and long-term impact.

We have helped many organization's scale their impact initiatives and achieve their fundraising goals!

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"Our EAS are different"


Only pay for what you need - reducing you costs of FT hires and office costs 

North America based 

All our EAs understand non-profit working culture and operating context 

5 years+ experience

All our EAs our career EAS - this is their full time job, not a side hustle to earn a few more dollars

Full-time salaried

All EAs are employed full-time by us.  We pay their on-costs needs more here  

Available when you need 

EAs do not work set hours- they work flexibly to meet your changing needs

4 clients only

Your EA is dedicated to you - not the usual 10 other clients 

Embeded in your team

Your EA will be onboarded as any other employee into your organisation - they are not a consultant 

Supported by us  

We give ongoing professional development ensuring the EAs bring the latest skills and approaches to your NFP

Our Innovative Model - we could remove


Package - put together based on only what you need - reducing cost of FT hires

We don't count hours - operate a results based mode focused on outcomes 

only pay for what you need and reduce costs of full time hires,?

Dedicated EA who will embed in team and work with you and your team members to identify the blocks , challenges XXX 

Get strategic as well as the day to day support and work practically to implement them;

Its project management XXXX - we work with you to ID your needs and once done we bring systems in and then work with team to ensure 

Support from the Tactical to the Strategic

As career Executive Assistants, we are your organization's right-hand from the tactical to the strategic. 


From streamlining your administrative tasks to managing your resources effectively and fostering strong donor relationships to providing strategic planning assistance, our EAs come with the tools and knowledge necessary to identify and support your growing needs.

  • Strategic Fundraising Support

  • Donor/Stakeholder Relations & Comms

  • Board & Committee Management

  • Systems Setup & Migration

  • Impact Measurement & Reporting

  • Strategic Planning (OKRs/KPIs

  • HR Support

  • Grants (research, reporting, applications)

  • Event Planning for Donor Engagement

  • Inbox/Calendar Management

  • Meeting Minutes & Action Items

  • Conference Support 

  • Budget & Expense Management 

  • can we move HR to here...? 

Why Take It Easy Group? 

We started Take It Easy Group with the goal of supporting leaders to make the world a better
place.  We might not be able to cure cancer ourselves but we can support an organisation to do so!
We aren't your typical VA firm. We are a small business and we understand the vital role that non-profits play in shaping our communities. We help you and your not-for-profit organized and efficient, so you can focus on impact, deepening relationships, and delivering results for your stakeholders.  
We Support all types of non profits from education , caused based, associations, private foundations and political orgs   (General charitable organizations 
Our roots are in working directly with highly successful and very busy people including Richard Branson,
Elon Musk (?) and Tony Hsieh.  We employ the strategies they use and our experience of working with startups including investor management to directly benefit non-profits

Organisations That Have Scaled Up (?) with Take It Easy Group

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Take It Easy Group Delivers Results 

We've given leaders up to 60% more time in their day to focus on their highest-return priorities.


Our experienced EAs, have helped organization drive their mission forward at a rate of over 90%.



We've helped organizations get aligned to raise upwards of $500 million collectively!

What Our Clients are Saying

“Working with Nicole and the TIE Group has been a game-changer for me. I'm able to be more responsive to my team and investors. As a founder running a remote team, I spent lots of time on operations and admin at the expense of our core work. Time is crucial, and working with Nicole gives me time to focus on growth without letting key operations and administrative tasks fall by the wayside.”


Janice Sousa, Co-Founder indie Travel

Are You Ready to Drive Your Impacts Forward? 

Book your call while there is still availability.
We only have a limited number of spots so book now!

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