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Elaina Kaounas

Fractional Executive Assistant


McKayla is an accomplished Executive Assistant based in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. She's a maestro of support for top-tier executives, fearlessly navigating their dynamic and fast-paced worlds. McKayla's expertise spans across diverse landscapes, from innovative startups to well-established industry giants in Aesthetics, MedTech, and Labor Market Analytics.

She possesses a knack for taming even the wildest calendars, choreographing globetrotting escapades, and seamlessly adopting projects as her own. Her mission? Elevating executive productivity and fine-tuning administrative gears for optimal performance.

But that's not all – McKayla's skill set extends beyond the ordinary. Think of her as a fusion of organizational prowess, a touch of pure magic, and the finest qualities of a Personal Assistant, all rolled into one remarkable individual.

Fun Fact: At the beginning of McKayla's EA career, she also spent time becoming and practicing as a Master Aesthetician.

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