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  • Do we ever go into the office?
    No, we are always virtual.
  • What sets us apart from other virtual assistant firms?
    We are a group of strategic Executive Assistant Business Partners who focus on problem-solving and forward thinking in order to maximize ROI.
  • ​Are we an agency?
    No, we're a collection of Executive Assistants who work together to support one another, but we each have our own small customer base.
  • Why hire a fractional EA instead of a full-time employee?
    We take care of the recruiting and retention for you. There are no payroll costs, benefits charges, or the additional costs of keeping a remote employee happy with us (tech setups, gym memberships, etc.).
  • How comfortable are we with startup environments?
    We love working with startups. We do almost nothing else. We are well-versed in the fast-paced, growth mindset, and we thrive in it.
  • I feel like my calendar is a mess and nobody can fix my schedule. How can I be sure you can?
    We are trained time management and organizational unicorns! With our secret sauce, we will get you sorted. And, to be honest, we've probably seen worse.
  • How do you match me with the right EA?
    We recognize that the EA connection is primarily about personality and organizational cultural fit. We'll ask you a series of questions that we have specifically generated from our years of experience in the industry to match you with the ideal EA.
  • Where are our EAs located?
    Our EAs are located across Canada and the United States.
  • Will bitcoin reach $1000,000,000?
    We have no idea, but we know how to organize your day for success.
  • What happens if I don't like the EA I am matched with?
    We provide a three-week discovery package in which we both learn how to collaborate. This is an excellent opportunity for you to evaluate if our match is a good fit, and for us to discover how we can better help you in the months ahead.
  • Are there limitations on the availability of my EA?
    We are available when you and your team are working. We don't block our clients into specific hours during the day.
  • How soon can my EA start?
    After our discovery call, we can jump in as quick as you need us. Get started here!
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