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Kathryn McIntyre

Fractional Executive Assistant


Kathryn is a high energy, goal-oriented, and results-based Senior Executive Assistant, Strategic Partner and Paralegal. She is experienced in providing high-level Executive support to C-suite Executives and Managing Partners for over 15 years now. Kathryn is highly skilled at anticipating the needs of the Executive by ensuring they are in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason. She's also incredibly observant, and intuitive with a meticulous attention to detail. This has made her invaluable to many high-level executives she's worked with in her 15+ years in the corporate, financial and legal industry. On top of all of this, Kathryn is passionate about time management, proactive problem solving, and ensuring clients that she works with have proper processes in place to achieve long-term scalability. With her background in legal and finance, Kathryn is able to maintain grace under pressure, and understands the importance of discretion and client confidentiality.

Fun Fact: Kathryn has travelled to 15+ islands in the Caribbean and Tahiti, in her search for the worlds most beautiful beaches!  Next on her list, Malta and Italy!

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