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Mell Truong

Mellonie Truong

Co-Founder, CBO


Mellonie joins the team with over 10 years of experience in building and fostering strategic client relationships. She is passionate about working closely with fast-growing clients who want to achieve their long-term goals and objectives, by helping them create effective, sustainable plans. She has worked closely with many executives & CEOs in her career in a sales and partnership capacity, and understands the importance of time management and getting the job done. 


Driven by impact & growth, Mellonie was recently selected as one of the 10 individuals at the Gordon S. Lang's School of Business & Economics as their 10x10 Alumni with Impact for 2020. On top of her sales and partnerships experience, she trailblazed the development of a world-class sales training program in her previous company, allowing her to work with team members to not only help them succeed, but contribute to the overall success of the organization.


Most of all, Mellonie is a strong believer in proactively putting systems in place to ensure organizational success. She knows with the right EA & strategic partner on your team, sustainable, rapid growth is possible. 


Fun Fact: Mellonie has traveled to 15+ different countries in the last 10 years, and probably even more fun - Britney Spears follows her on Twitter. 

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