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Nicole Schultz

Fractional Executive Assistant


Nicole is a highly organized and dedicated Executive Business Partner.  With over 10 years of experience supporting C-Suite and VP players in Operations, Sales, Culture and Marketing.  She has experience in VC funding, Shareholder and Board relations, and knows all the ins-and-outs of exceptional calendar management and email management.  

Nicole is passionate about organization, and loves to build processes to scale and grow.  She prides herself on her recall skills and her ability to manage multiple stakeholders and competing priorities with confidence and speed.  She is a proactive and effective communicator who can turn complex business messages into simple, actionable concepts.  

Nicole loves to build community culture through people-centric programs -- planning and executing retreats, workshops, continued-education opportunities and creating a place where people love to work!  She is committed to making the environment around her exceptional, and loves to help empower everyone to love their workplace. 

Fun Fact: Nicole loves passion projects, and is a classically-trained chef who also holds certifications in the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

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