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Fractional Executive Assistants Supporting Your Strategic Growth. Sustainably.

We are a Team of Experienced Executive Assistants Helping Seed and Series A Startups Scale for Success. Our EAs are real humans strategically using AI systems to help companies grow sustainably.

Forward Thinking Brands That Have Scaled Up with Take It Easy Group.

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Finding the Right EA Can Be Difficult.
That's Why We're Here.

Strategic Partner

Today's founders require more than a virtual assistant who sits back and waits for duties to be assigned. High-growth leaders want a proactive and thoughtful member of their team.

Our unique time management techniques help us deliver client success.

C-Suite executives and established organizations typically hire experienced EAs. We believe that new entrepreneurs should have a strategic business partner who can help them organize their company for rapid and efficient growth.

Personalized Service

We aren't your typical VA firm. We are a small business that thrives on client retention and happiness.

If you choose to work with Take It Easy Group, you will benefit from individualized care. Our EAs only work with two to four clients at a time, ensuring that your needs are always prioritized.

We operate as if we were a full-time salaried employee, contributing 100% to the team.

Hassle Free

We relieve you of the burden of recruiting and retention.

All of our EAs are North American based and have been hand-picked to ensure that our clients receive the finest possible service. Because we have created a supportive environment for our Executive Assistants, we have a low turnover rate. They're responsible, pleasant, and eager to contribute to your team.

We're committed to helping you manage your time effectively so you can continue to focus on top ROI priorities, whether it's as a short-term fix for your immediate staffing needs or as a long-term partner in crime for your vital responsibilities.


We've given founders up to 60% more time in their day to focus on their highest-return ventures, allowing them to say goodbye to wasted time.


Using our strategic partner system, our partners successfully drive their OKRs forward at a rate of over 90%.


We've helped startups get organized to raise upwards of $500 million collectively!

Take It Easy Group Delivers Results.

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What our clients are saying.

“My EA from Take It Easy Group never ceases to amaze me. She is constantly thinking 5 steps ahead of me.  Every time I ask for something to be done, my EA states she accomplished it and will produce a well thought out document. Our entire executive team works 100% better now that our Take It Easy EA is on board.”

Ora Sonia, Founder, WaveTech

Why Take It Easy Group?

Your workplace is buzzing with high energy, you’re experiencing rapid growth, and you love industry disruption. However, you’re encountering challenges, such as lack of systems in place, and organizational mismanagement. 


Our goal at Take It Easy Group, is to keep you and your business organized and efficient, so you can focus on growth.

Our team of talented Executive Assistants can help you to develop methods and efficiencies that will propel you to rocketship success.

Quit the Cult of Busy.

Since 2017, we’ve helped many start-ups successfully get through their growth challenges!

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Our EAs are real humans strategically using AI systems to help companies grow sustainably.

Don’t know where to start or what you need?
Let's connect on our needs.

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