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5 Things To Consider When Hiring an Executive Assistant

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

There is nothing more important than hiring quality team members for our companies. Hiring an executive assistant can almost seem like trying to hire a clone of yourself. We need to entrust them to be there and do the job when we can't. There are many things to consider when hiring any employee: such as;

Availability: It is vital that your new hire be available to assist you when you need them.

Loyalty: It takes a lot of time and money to hire and train someone, and in turn, employees want to feel like they are working towards a company vision they also believe in.

Personality: An employee's personality can directly affect the mood of a work setting. Having employees who are both people-friendly and congenial is good for customer service and communications.

Experience: Hiring someone comfortable in the field, has both soft and hard skills, and has prior experience is extremely valuable.

Work Ethic: As your sidekick, it's important to have someone that is eager to learn and grow, with a 'get the job done' mentality.

An Executive Assistant working on a computer.

A business can flourish when they hire the right executive assistant. This person is responsible for providing administrative duties and executive support assistance while protecting sensitive information. You want to recruit effectively, and put in the time to find the right person, get to know them and find out if they will work well with you on a day to day basis. It is important to understand both your respective working styles to see if it is a good fit. Here are five things to consider when hiring an executive assistant, specifically.

How Long it Takes to Hire an Executive Assistant

After posting and advertising the job, searching, researching and vetting, scheduling interview meetings, job negotiations, and finally hiring. Hiring an executive assistant can seem like it would take forever, and on average, the hiring process can take anywhere from 20-50 days. All of this depends upon the type of industry and its location in the world.

However, if the hiring process is done through a fractional executive assistant service company, it can take much less time to find the right EA, and the process is way less confusing and much more accessible.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Executive Assistant

Hiring is an investment in itself. In the beginning, there is a significant amount of overhead in job advertising, and there are also costs of recruiting, screening, and interviewing. Both time and budget can be significantly impacted. These factors can influence how much your new hire will cost:

  • Type of assistant you are hiring (virtual, in-house)

  • Where an assistant is located, their geographical location

  • Full-time vs. Part-time

  • Specialist (and assistant who specializes in a particular area of business)

  • Their level of experience.

You may need an HR team or 3rd party recruitment company to help find the right candidates instead of conducting interviews and distributing information management assignments. Then there is an initial cost in training a new employee. Before payroll, it could cost over $3,500 to recruit and roughly $2,000 to train a new in-house employee. If you find that a virtual executive assistant is a suitable option for your company, it is possible to spend far less. The money you save can be put towards business or the future of that perfect person, you just found for the job.

A plant growing out of a pile of money.

Overhead Costs

You will always incur some overhead costs when bringing any new employee on board to your company. After successfully hiring an in-house executive assistant, you'll come to face with overhead costs such as training & onboarding, insurance policies, taxes, health benefits, vacation policy, and any other additional personal benefits you offer to staff. You might have to improve a business's infrastructure or fix equipment. Update computers and purchase new equipment for the office. Overhead costs seem to pile up effortlessly.

Virtual assistants and Virtual Fractional Executive Assistants are a growing industry because the model is so attractive to businesses, and costs you less overhead. They can provide you with a similar service as an in-house executive assistant but with the ease of a laptop or telephone. They have limitless availability, and you can find an experienced virtual executive assistant that is perfect for your company.

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Consider Your Employee Culture

When hiring an executive assistant, it's important to consider the company's culture and how the assistant will fit in. The assistant should be someone who is professional and organized, but also someone who can have a good sense of humor and fit in with the rest of the team. It's also important to make sure that the assistant has the necessary skills that a company is looking for or is already lacking.

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Should You Hire In-House or Remote

Communication has altered dramatically since the pandemic. You may occasionally want remote or temporary assistance. With the rise in fractional roles/services, we're seeing a shift in how businesses hire, with sensible positions showing to save money and boost overall efficiency. Fractional availability can sometimes save money in the long term while also increasing overall productivity. Because you can reduce or add the number of helper hours needed as the workload varies, remote workers can be a more inventive solution.

An executive assistant taking notes.


It's essential to research and find the right assistant option for you and the specific project at hand. Cost is always a factor, and we want the most from any investment. Employee culture plays a massive role in a workplace environment, and we want an assistant to be an extension of ourselves. Ultimately, whether you’re deciding to hire in-house or virtual executive assistants, choosing remote can be a great way to hire when you’re starting a new, productive, growth based business. Opening up the talent pool outside of your region can greatly impact your business performance for the better with the perfect right-hand.

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