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Tracey Pixels
Tracey Benson

Tracey Benson

Fractional Chief of Staff


Over the past 25 years, Tracey has excelled in senior customer service and administration roles for companies such as CAAIN, ATCO Group and Aurora Cannabis. Her diverse abilities and breadth of competencies have allowed her to work for organisations ranging from six-person operations to 10,000-employee corporate giants. Along the way, she has provided direct support for everyone from entry-level staff to C-Suite executives and boards of directors. The hundreds of projects to which she has contributed also span an astonishing breadth, from initiatives worth a few thousand dollars to massive jobs valued in the billions, and covering sectors as diverse as information technology, utilities, cannabis, construction, and outsourcing.

Diversity defines Tracey’s personal time as much as it does her career. In addition to providing a home for several cats and volunteering for various community causes, she owns a family farm in BC.

Always happy to help and support the goals of the village around her, Tracey is a great addition to the Take It Easy team!

Fun Fact: Tracey is an avid seamstress, and there is nothing she loves more than whipping up a quick costume.

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