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Denise Reese

Director, Customer Success


Denise Reese is a C-Suite Sales Executive and serves multiple organizations as a Fractional Chief Growth, Sales, and Chief Customer Officer. Prior to launching her Fractional CxO career, Denise was a Managing Director and South Market Unit Lead in the Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG.)  AABG is a unique partnership that delivers transformation at scale with the best of AWS (Amazon Web Services,) and Accenture’s unparalleled breadth and depth of talent, resources, and experience. Denise has spent more than 25 years in Sales, Business Development, and Strategic Alliances roles for several IT Services and Software organizations and has held positions in both The United States and Europe. Her experience spans multiple disciplines including Identity and Access Management, IT Security, IT Outsourcing, Digital Transformation, and Cloud Computing.

Fun Fact: Denise is a curious traveler, life-long learner, and loves a good dining experience! She also dabbles in commercial voice-over and has lent her voice to a nationally syndicated talk show, and an audiobook!

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