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Janice de Leon

Fractional Executive Assistant


Janice comes with an eclectic and deep background that spans over 20 years. Between Design and Marketing, Music & TV, Corporate Real Estate, SaaS Retail Tech, Janice has managed to successfully apply her aptitude for organization, communication, and desire to learn and improve across all her roles.

Janice has held varied roles in television production, event and project management, high-level c-suite support and most recently, Head of People Operations. She has extensive experience managing projects and tasks, from the very large and complex to the minute and precise. Janice prides herself on understanding the fine nuances of working with people from different backgrounds and experiences, and enjoys collaborating with colleagues, forging good working relationships, and fostering a great workplace environment.

Over the years, Janice has learned everything from the complexities of "tornado-proofing" a building, ensuring a mixed martial-arts ring is built to "Vegas Code," as well as how best to coordinate facilities management for a group of large NYC hospitals. Outside of the office, Janice is an avid traveller, and she enjoys food, is a voracious consumer of all genres of music, and can be seen using her outside voice at basketball games.

Fun Fact: Janice has a Twitter account, and does not tweet, but can count President Barack Obama as one of her followers.

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