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Kelly Jackson

Fractional Executive Assistant


Kelly might describe her 20 years of experience as chapters of a book, as most storytellers are wont to do. One chapter holds her skill sets, inclusive of EA basics such as organizing time, space, events, people, priorities, travel, expenses and operations. Her sister suggests that she holds a ‘death grip on the control panel’ of organization, to which she wholeheartedly pleads guilty.


Kelly has been praised for being a ‘scheduling beast,’ but only because she has a difficult time taking ‘no’ for an answer. Her communication skills are without parallel, from vendors to U.S. Presidents, Boards of Directors, clients and colleagues…each treated with as much respect as the other, and her engaging style sets everyone at ease.


Having worked for one former employer, a political media director, as his liaison to the White House, Kelly has a deep understanding of confidentiality…whether it be through the written word, by way of conversation or any other possible access. Kelly is a native Texan, horsewoman, author, audiobook narrator and Jill of all trades, mistress of none.

Fun Fact: Kelly grew 8 inches when she was 12 years old.

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