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A Day in the life of a Take It Easy Group Employee - Nicole Schultz

Meet our teammate Nicole! Nicole is an Executive Business Partner who is committed and very well-organised, having supported C-Suite and VP executives in operations, sales, culture, and marketing for more than 10 years. She is knowledgeable about the finer points of first-rate email and calendar management and has experience with VC funding, shareholder and board relations.

In our interview with Nicole she talks about always being “one-step” ahead on her projects and the type of work she loves the most.

How long have you been an EA?

Over 10 years

What inspired you to become an EA?

It started as being hyper-organised and wanting to help businesses succeed and it grew to loving Operations, People-Centric Programming, and working with amazing CEOs to achieve their business goals.

What do you love about being an EA?

I love that feeling when you are one-step ahead of your leader, when they never have to ask “Hey, did you … “ because it’s already done. I love watching founders succeed in business objectives, especially when we achieve funding milestones! I also love working with the Board of Directors and keeping Operations moving smoothly.

What drew you to working with Take It Easy Group?

This is my dream job! I love the variety in working with different organisations, at different stages of growth. The Take It Easy Community of EAs are so supportive and having a built-in network to draw inspiration from is so special in the EA world!

What are some daily challenges that keep you on your toes?

Having clients at different stages of growth, I go from large scale investor relations one minute to early stage funding the next! There are always new problems to solve, new processes to create.

What advice do you have for somebody wanting to be an EA?

Build trust in the small tasks. It can be hard for a leader to open up to someone orchestrating their days; so show what you can do to make their lives 5% easier, then 10% and keep building upon open communication and always thinking of the larger problem you are trying to solve.

If you weren’t an EA what would you be doing?

Organising something somewhere!

What is a fun fact people would never guess about you?

I am very competitive about the strangest things; I don’t care who wins in team sports but if there is a small challenge (like paint night, or board games) I am ruthless!

Are you a cat or dog person?


About Take It Easy Group

We at Take It Easy Group want to keep you and your company efficient so you can concentrate on growth! Our group of skilled executive assistants help you in creating processes and efficiencies that will catapult you to meteoric achievement.

Quit The Cult of Busy! Since 2017, we've assisted hundreds of businesses in overcoming their growth obstacles, including Facebook, Amazon and Live Nation.

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