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How to Find the Best Executive Assistant for Your Business

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a perpetual game of catch-up, constantly chasing deadlines while your to-do list grows longer by the minute?  Or perhaps you are the big-picture visionary leader, dreaming big, but feeling bogged down by the nitty-gritty details that never seem to end?  Do you feel like you work all day, yet still fall behind on deliverables?  Or perhaps you feel concerned that you are what’s holding your team and business back from huge success? Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced business-building world, there is simply too much on all of our plates to handle.  An Executive Assistant (EA) can bring tremendous value to you and your team. There are so many tasks to be completed that it's almost impossible for a founder or leadership team to not only do it all themselves but to do it all well. 

If you and your business are looking for more than a person to delegate simple tasks, and you are at the point where you need a strategic business partner to help you sustainably grow your business, then hiring an EA could be a smart consideration for your company.

An Executive Assistant can do many things for your organisation, but most importantly, they save time for founders and executives like yourself. They are extremely ferocious in knowing their job and providing solutions to problems before they even exist. 

They can perform a variety of tasks to free up your leadership team and enable them to focus on critical aspects of the business, increasing their output and efficiency as team leaders. Leaders waste far too much time doing non-leadership tasks. 

The primary goal of hiring an EA is to get the overall business, as well as the Executives, to run like a well-oiled machine. Executive Assistants can help with project management, running reports, market research for essential meetings, and more. The possibilities are nearly endless. Some of the most common holes that our EAs fill include:

  • Calendar and Inbox Management

  • Travel Event, and Retreat Planning

  • Invoice Management and Financial Reconciliations

  • Market Research

  • Project Management and Tracking Deliverables

  • Sales Collateral Management

  • Bookkeeping Tasks

  • Researching and Organizing Data

  • Meeting Preparation

  • Strategic Planning and Support

If you feel, as a founder, that you are acting as a roadblock for your organisation, now is the time to consider hiring an EA to lighten the workload.

Because the role of an EA requires such trust and chemistry, there are specific qualifications that you want to look for when hiring an EA. Not everyone can fit this very strenuous and stressful position, and only the people who have exceptional organisation and a tenacious attitude to success should be considered for such an integral position.

Here at Take It Easy Group, we have a team of professional Executive Assistants working fractionally and remotely to provide the most efficient service solutions for your business executives to drive your business growth.  No more spinning your wheels on low-impact tasks.  We are here to help and guide you to identify and prioritise the revenue-generating activities that propel your business forward, ensuring every minute counts and you are no longer the roadblock to your organisation’s success!

Are you ready to consider the value that an EA could bring to your team? Book a call with us today. 

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