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The Importance of Having an Executive Assistant for a Startup

An executive assistant can help you with anything you need, from the administrative tasks, to social media, calendar management, inbox management, executive communication, investor relations, strategic growth initiatives, event planning, travel planning and so much more. They can be working on tasks that don't bring you - the founder - a big enough ROI, while you focus on revenue, building and growth.

As a startup founder you will often find yourself putting out fires daily. These mini-emergencies can quickly pile up and easily take up your entire focus, leaving you no time to do anything else. Having an executive assistant is like having your own personal fire-fighting-team.

Startups require constant momentum and tons of time and energy as well. An executive assistant can be brought in to support and help manage this potentially high-stress environment. An effective executive assistant will be able to tend to daily responsibilities and assist you while navigating through your daily priorities.

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Why Should Startups Hire an Executive Assistant?

Having an Executive Assistant today can help you achieve your business goals. Productivity is no miracle and rarely an accident. It has always been and will be the result of vigilant single players acting as a whole in a dedicated team, everyone being loyally committed to company excellence, thoughtful planning, and continuous focused efforts.

Having those extra eyes and hands around with another strategic thinker on the job gears you directly to success, and it leaves you to do what you do best while you get a bit of help with the rest.

An assistant will be your right-hand companion, working hard by your side, managing complex personal and professional information, scheduling meetings and dates, and taking on so many other responsibilities.

While the specific duties vary depending on the startup and a person's individual needs, here are just a few of the things an assistant might assist you with:

  • Inbox management

  • Calendar Management

  • Executive Communication

  • Meeting Attendance, Agenda creating, notes, takeaways

  • Holding teams accountable for roadmaps

  • Generating OKRs and helping coordinate deliverables

  • Project Management

  • Light bookkeeping

  • Travel Planning

  • Gifting

  • CRM Support

  • Digital Organization

  • Systems Audit

  • Investor Communication / Management

  • Data Room creation / Management

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It is in your best interest to hire someone familiar with best business practices and someone who verbally excels in communications. An excellent EA should have a particular set of skills that ensure they provide the best assistance they can to you and help the company they work for thrive as well.

Startups are bustling and constantly changing, so hiring someone with that same steady growth mindset is vital. Someone willing to learn and bend as the startup blooms and the winds blow.

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Tasks your EA can take over.

An excellent executive assistant should be motivated, innovative, resourceful, trustworthy, supportive, and proactive in helping their executive leaders. While remaining independent thinkers, they will still be able to make positive executive decisions under pressure for the entire company.

Minimize your tasks by giving your to-do list to our executive assistants at Take It Easy Group. Contact us today.

Communication and verbal skills are vital, too. Sharing information back and forth is a large part of any job. If this diligent well-spoken employee is organized, a CEO or leader can then follow suit, thus creating a chain reaction of excellence. Having help managing schedules and keeping up on tasks allows the leader to keep up and be at the top of their game.

How Can an Executive Assistant Help Small Businesses Grow

An executive assistant can also be available to take on more significant roles such as Investor Relations, Operations, and even Human Resources. While providing supreme administrative support to you, they can work outside the box of the assistant title.

An executive assistant's tasks could even involve talking with stakeholders and handling other business communications. An EA can play a massive role in establishing procedures and processes. They can help lay down the foundation of an organized business that operates smoothly even without the presence of leaders.

Having the right assistant can be the correct answer for startups to grow and prosper. Having all hands on deck to assist you helps reach a company's full potential.

Why Take It Easy Executive Assistants are the Best.

Executive Assistants often find themselves at the first point of contact for the company.

Take It Easy Group is dedicated to helping businesses succeed by providing tailored Fractional Executive Assistants. Our team is experienced in a wide range of industries, so we can pair you with the perfect assistant who understands your specific needs. Whether you need help with administrative tasks, marketing, or customer service, our Fractional Executive Assistants are equipped to handle it all.


Hiring an executive assistant is extremely beneficial to business growth, and it can make a substantial difference to any startup. Finding the right person for the job is critical, and someone who is equally passionate about the work as a senior-level executive would be.

A people-friendly player who easily focuses on core responsibilities while you are out handling everything else or for once, maybe even taking it easy. Startups and new projects can be incredibly time-consuming.

Being busy can sometimes cause "burnout ." Hitting this "burnout" at such an early stage of operations is not good for any startup. Executive Assistants support any company's strategic growth, a growth that can be both sustainable and successful.

Are you looking for a top-qualified Executive Assistant for your startup? Take It Easy Group makes it easier than ever to get the right EA for your business. Contact us today.

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