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How an EA Can Improve Your Business

Updated: Sep 20

Find out how an EA can help your business

How an EA Can Improve Your Business

Executive assistants have an essential role that can help boost the success of a business. From improving efficiently to hitting those goals, these professionals can help you free up resources to grow your business. If you want to know how an executive assistant can improve your startup, here are a few points to consider.

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#1 - Improve Efficiency

Today, many businesses know how to get things done but may not take the most efficient way to complete tasks. These jobs are often redundant, causing companies to lose hours focusing on the most mundane tasks. With an executive assistant, you never have to worry about that. These professionals know how to take the most practical and efficient way to handle those regular duties, like answering emails, scheduling meetings, and arranging travel.

Executive assistants understand how to provide the necessary support for executives while working efficiently. That means completing the required work while optimizing your resources, including budget and time. An executive assistant will manage your time and meet all budgeting goals. They can complete all of those responsible while fulfilling their daily work requirements. You can thank your executive assistant when you reach those daily, weekly, or monthly goals in a timely manner.

Along with that, these professionals will help you stick to any budgetary requirements. By hiring a virtual executive assistant, you don’t have to worry about having someone spending time on the clock and not completing the work. These individuals will finish all tasks with a focus on your time and budget.

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#2 - Help Build Positive Culture

You can count on an executive assistant when you need help with creating a positive workplace. Unfortunately, those day-to-day tasks can bog down the c-suite executives, meaning they feel unsatisfied with their current roles. Often, businesses ask other workers to help complete jobs or focus on something that is not in their wheelhouse. An executive assistant is just the answer for your business. Since you already know that they can boost efficiency, these professionals will find ways to make working in the office more enjoyable (and efficient) for everyone. When goals are met, and work is completed, it can leave everyone happy at the end of the day.

Instead of dealing with an unhappy and burdened workforce, you can use the executive assistant to alleviate some of those stressors. This individual can take on those everyday tasks and complete them without needing to rely on other office members. In turn, the EA might even have a few suggestions that can help with the work output of the current staff. It is easy for staff members to become overworked. When that happens, the culture is not the most positive. However, an executive assistant is just the solution to help boost that atmosphere in your workplace.

Take your startup to the next level with help from an EA

#3 - Improve Organization and Compliance

If you are not sticking to your schedule, an executive assistant can help you achieve those goals. These professionals have good organizational skills that help maintain a strict schedule, keep up with projects, and manage your time. Along with that, EAs can assist and find ways to improve that organization throughout the company. An executive assistant may look through your old filing system and find ways to update it, making files easier to access. They may want to use and implement new programs to keep track of daily duties or tasks.

Having a helping hand can lead to many benefits, including maintaining compliance. When a business needs to ensure they follow all rules and regulations, you need an experienced person for the job. These individuals will make sure that all the correct paperwork is filled and filed with the proper agencies or organizations. By using an executive assistant, they will keep your business in compliance.

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#4 - Enhance Team and Internal Communication

Hiring an executive assistant can help with all workplace communication issues. In an office setting, many things can be misinterpreted or misunderstood, often leading to confusion in the workplace. Leaving specific tasks or duties up for interpretation can decrease the morale in the space. Also, having separate teams working on a project can lead to disaster without the proper communication between the groups. Your executive assistant can take the reins and help enhance internal and team communications.

By taking the lead of the administrative teams, these professionals will take the time to listen and understand the needs of others. An executive assistant can set the example for the team, allowing others to follow their lead. These individuals will help everyone express themselves more efficiently, whether in verbal or written format. The executive assistant can design a strategy to improve response rates and assess other areas where the business can improve workflow. In turn, you will have better communication between everyone in the office.

There are many benefits by hiring an EA

# 5 - Support Growth, Hit Company Milestones and Goals

Without help from an executive assistant, you can just be spinning your wheels with your business. In many situations, the executives must deal with those daily tasks, which take them away from focusing on growth strategies. The executive assistant can help companies reach their goals by alleviating some of those daily pressures. An EA can handle everything from answering emails to making travel arrangements. With a renewed focus, company leaders can move away from those mundane day-to-day activities to find more efficient ways to grow in the industry.

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An executive assistant is a valued resource for any business. These individuals know how to prioritize their time and look for solutions to help your startup. Hiring a professional executive assistant is one way that can give your company a boost.

Are you interested in finding the right executive assistant for your business? At Take It Easy Group, we have a pool of highly qualified individuals who can help support your strategic growth.

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