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Top Tools Used by Take It Easy Group

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Our executive assistants use these great tools

Top Tools Used by Take It Easy Group

When you hire a professional from Take It Easy Group, you want to know what tools they will use to complete their work. There are many platforms and tools on the marketplace, but we use the best ones to help everyone stay organized and complete those tasks. Here are our top tools used by the professionals in the Take It Easy Group.

Are you looking to get help with those executive duties at your startup? At Take It Easy Group, our executive assistants can help you reach those goals for your business.

The Preferred Tools Used by Our Professionals

Our executive assistants complete those essential tasks with help from these tools and platforms. Here are our 14 tools that keep everyone productive at Take It Easy Group.

#1 - Monday is a customizable mobile and web work management platform that is used by many organizations, including the Take It Easy Group. It is utilized to help our executive assistants to track specific projects and workflows.

#2 - Asana

Asana is another web and mobile work management platform. Like Monday, this platform can help our executive assistants to organize, manage, and track work and projects for our clients. Our professionals can handle all of their tasks and projects with one tool - allowing them to specify deadlines, communicate about assignments, and assign work to others.

#3 - Fellow

Another excellent meeting productivity platform is Fellow, and it is a great choice to connect everyone at Take It Easy Group. With this software, our executive assistants can gather to build their agendas, keep track of each other's work, and record decisions.

#4 - Hubspot (CRM)

Hubspot's CRM platform allows us to manage those relationships with our clients. We use this software to keep track of all clients' notes, data, and interactions, both current and potential ones.

These tools help to deliver the best service to our clients

#5 - Notion

Notion is another type of productivity software used by our teams. It is the ideal way to keep track of those notes and manage projects in the Take It Easy system. This software is designed to help our members coordinate objectives, assignments, and deadlines to meet priority goals. Notion allows everyone in our organization to create a unified workspace.

#6 - Airtable

Airtable is a cloud collaboration service that is a spreadsheet-database hybrid. It contains all of the features of a database, but it is used for our spreadsheets. In addition to that, our executive assistants can add file attachments and images to the sheets or database.

#7 - OpenPhone

When our executive assistants need to add a second phone line, they turn to OpenPhone. This app allows users to add extra work numbers to an existing device. The best part is there's no need to add a second device or additional hardware. OpenPhone is the perfect solution that lets our executive assistants manage those phone calls.

#8 - Trello

When we need to move our teams forward, we turn to Trello. This productivity platform allows everyone at Take It Easy Group to manage projects, collaborate, and reach those productivity goals.

#9 - Grammarly

Communication is essential for virtual workers, including our executive assistants. Our customers demand only the best from our services. That is why we turn to Grammarly, a cloud-based typing assistant. This platform reviews grammar, spelling, and punctuation for all written works. Plus, it can help point out delivery, engagement, and clarity mistakes. With its artificial intelligence, Grammarly finds an appropriate replacement for an error, allowing our executive assistant team to customize their tone and style.

We use the best tools based on the needs of our clients

#10 - Google Workspace

We also use Google Workspace at Take It Easy Group. These tools are used for productivity and collaboration. Google has many valuable tools for our executive assistants to manage those day-to-day activities for our clients , including Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, and Google Drive.

#11 - Miro

Virtual meetings are vital to the professional space. Since our executive assistants work in a remote space, Miro is one way to keep our teams connected. Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that helps our team work more effectively. Our EAs can brainstorm ideas, add digital sticky notes to tasks, and manage those workflows.

#12 - Slack

When you want your executive assistant to be on the same page, Slack is there to help. Slack creates organized spaces where teams can connect. This flexible platform allows everyone to send audio and video clips, conduct online meetings, or easily connect with each other about pending projects and tasks.

#13 - Canva

At Take It Easy Group, we understand that handling executive tasks is more than typing up documents. Sometimes, our executive assistant professionals need to create graphic designs for our clients. Canva allows our team to create presentations, posters, social media graphics, and documents. With that, Canva can help our clients grow and reach customers through other types of digital platforms.

#14 - Clockify

Time management is an integral part of our services, and it is vital to our clients. Most clients are billed for a set amount of hours, and we need to keep our executive assistant team accountable for their time. Clockify is a time tracker used by all Take It Easy Group members. It allows us to run reports, manage projects, monitor time spent on tasks, and boost the productivity of everyone on the team.

As you can tell, many tools help the Take It Easy Group focus on productivity and efficiency with every customer. These tools guarantee that we deliver only the best services to our clients.

Are you ready to hire an executive assistant from the Take It Easy Group? We have an entire team of highly trained and skilled executive assistants who can take on any task for your startup. Learn more today!

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Thanks for the interesting article. Our company is constantly improving software to facilitate the work of the personnel department.

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